Fundamental research on the solar plant
The experimental photovoltaic system was installed as a part oft the research activities in the field of energy storage at the MPI CEC.

The special feature of this system are the various photovoltaic-modules, differing in type technology, area and power.

The aim is to test and to evaluate the electricity generation performance and reliability of the different PV modules.

In addition the researchers analyse the life time of storage-media (such as batteries) which is influenced by changing amount of energy storage.
Particularly the electrolytic water splitting reaction is investigated with solar current as an energy storage medium.

The support of the plant is in the hands of Dr. Saskia Buller, group leader at the MPI CEC and Marius Podleska, Chemistry laboratory technician. They supervise the plant, interpret the data and conduct the experiments.

Solar plant team, from left:
Prof. Robert Schlögl (Geschäftsführender Direktor am Institut),
Marius Podleska (Chemielaborant),
Dr. Bastian Zinser (Programmierung der Solaranlage),
Willi Schlamann (Technischer Leiter MPI CEC),
Pilar Perez (Architektin),
Fachri Atamny (Managing Partner bei OFA Consulting GmbH)

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